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Chatting during the game

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    During the game I noticed something strange. My opponent was joking about my name and said sylvester was coming. Later in the game when I won a piece I said that the little pussycat didn't see that. Immediately after that I got a warning from the moderator. Weird. Had that something do with an automatic check for dirty language, which in this case wasn't dirty at all? If anyone knows, please tell me because I have no idea why I got that warning.

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    Probably because of the word pussycat and the software saw the p-word and flagged it as offensive language.

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    If you were auto warned or kicked, then it would have either been for the use of a word on the auto filter. The word "pussy" is on the list, so when you typed pussycat, the system picked that up and warned you thinking that you were swearing.

    Since you weren't swearing, there isn't much to worry about though :)

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    OK. Thank you.

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    Tomcat is probably fine:)

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    No. Tweety doesn't say: I think I saw a Tomcat ;-)


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