Lag (renamed)


For the second time today (I discover that), I played versus someone who cheats... In a 10mn match, when it is his time to play, the time of this person (please do not name and shame), stays (after a time lag) 6 seconds without changing. We can see his time flashing during these 6 seconds. After that MY time is reduced by those 6 seconds (during his time of play!!!)... and his time reduces normally (winning then 6 seconds of reflexion at each of his moves, and me losing 6 second on the clock at each of his moves)... After 20 moves, he got 2mn more of reflexion than me and me 2mn less on the clock...

How can this be possible!? I won't play any more, if it goes on... What is the interest to play if someones play in different condition, with more time??


Didn't you already make a forum like this?

And plus, if the person had a bad connection, it takes time for the move to be transmitted to his computer, so the second it does get transmitted, the clock starts, for you it looks different because u made the move.


No it's the first time I am on the forum.

I already made a lot of matches, but I discovered that flashing time :

After some seconds (due to lag time, bad connection etc), the opponent time begin to flash, during 6 seconds, and when it flashes no more, my time is reduced by 6 second before the opponent plays... my clocktime don't have to be reduced when my opponent plays, no?! When I play, my opponent clocktime isn't reduced!


I checked during a match versus xxx (a 10 minutes match) : I looked at my time, and after each of his move, my time was reduced by 5 to 10 seconds... the best to see was at the end of the match : I had 6 seconds left, and couldn't play : immediately after his move, my time went to 0...

Look at your time! Versus 3 players for the moment this was the case : my time was reduced during my opponent move, by 5 to 7 seconds at once...


I would imagine that you had a bad connection during that time, and that when you momentarily lost connection, they played a move...but that you could not see the move they played until connection was reestablished (in this case, six seconds later). My wifi is very unreliable, so this has happened to me a number of times.


Unfortunately it's just one of those things - it's frustrating at times but I'm sure many people have problems with a weak/unpredictable connection.


I agree with Bigone and Prolic that what you experienced was likely some sort of connection issue.  You mentioned that this has already happened to  you twice today. While cheaters do exist on, I don't think they're that prevalent here. At least at around you rating.  Do you remember if the connection bar (located near the clock) was red at any point during the game for either you or your opponent?

It's also possible that your opponenet is using premoves, which could make it appear as though they are gaining time on their clock.


It's only people with poor connections who experience this clock 'cheating'. I've never seen it.


I don't think it's a problem of connection... I play 10mn match since quite a moment, I know nearly what time I have to play, and these 3-4 matchs, I had to play quite like bullet... I see their time beginning to reduce after mine is reduced by 5 to 7 seconds at once (after having played, and then after my time stopped to reduce). I think at least one or 2 of these matchs, me and my opponent had green bars. I try to play to day, and I tell you. I propose people to care about their time, and to watch if it happens to them...


It is a connection problem whether you think so or not. I see this sometimes when I play at work (my latency meter shows red at times) because I have to go through all their corporate computers before I even get to the net. At home though, I have never seen it and it always shows green. You can also get it intermittently due to the fact that the route your packets take to the servers is not always the same.


It could also be a bug here.


First of all, if you expect a bunch of total strangers to help you, you  need to describe your OS and browser. Describing your ISP wouldn't hurt either (is it cable, DSL, dial-up, etc)

If nothing at the above blog helps (you can skip the really esoteric suggestions like examining every running process on your PC) go to the bottom of the page, click on Help & Support and go complain to the staff

PS: They will want to see links of the offending games as opposed to just taking your word for it


^probably the best advice you will receive.


If you lose connection during a live game, you don't get to see your opponent's move if the person moved while you have no connection. Meanwhile you are looking at the clock counting down waiting for your opponent to move because you don't get to see the move until your modem has re-established connection. Your opponent has played the move and sees the correct times (while you see incorrect times as you are not live on

When your connection is re-established, suddenly you see the correct times! and of course, you see the times corrected now.

i have a mickey mouse modem, so live chess is not much fun for me.


Something similar happened to me, but it's only happened the once. Pretty frustrating at the time, but I put it down to more of a blip than anything else.

And if the person I was playing against was cheating, then he wasn't doing a very good job of it, as he had roughly the same rating as me.


I note that I played, to control, in less than one second for each move, sometimes, and that my time was reduced by 5 to 7 seconds... there was no big bug of connection, and it was, during these 3-4 matchs, 5-7 seconds less after EACH of my opponent move, systematically (in fact, during my opponent move : during his time of think, after my clock - which was going down normally - had stopped, and before my move)...


yes, what kenpo describes also happened to me once or twice when i had a reliable connection and was playing quickly.


So, then, another issue with the site?


Hello, it happened me again... I just finished a match. It was almost at each move : after I play, the bar (of connection... the 2 were green) of my opponent twinkle and my time is reduced by 5-7 seconds when its time is raised up by 5-7 seconds.

It is embarrassing not to be believed... It didn't happen in maybe 30-40 matchs, but it goes on...


You should just report the incident to along with the game if you haven't done so already.  Of course, you should try reviewing the game results of your suspected cheater for anything suspicious beforehand, just to make sure you're not making a false accusation.


One reason why people seem so skeptical in this thread is that a clock cheat feels very counter-intuitive.  Compared to your conventional engine cheating, a clock cheat is less subtle and takes considerably more effort and expertise to pull off.  Aside from that, cheating supposedly happens very rarely at around your rating.