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Chess.com Themes

  • #1

    I have a question: Why doesn't the Chess.com Theme setting affect the whole site? Home page included? :)

  • #2

    Its a theme for your account, not per page you have :)

  • #3

    kohai can u please help me with themes for chess.com

  • #4

    how do you get  backround for your profile

  • #5

    Hover over the home button @ the top right side of the screen, go to account, then go to Styles & Themes.  Here's a quick link:


  • #6

    I need beautiful themes.

  • #7

    Download what you want and insert on your siteYell

  • #8

    Hope the themes stays at V3

  • #9

    I am trying to make a custom theme, but I can't change all of the font colors.  Some of the text is written in a gray that is hard to read on dark backgrounds.  If you provide an option to change the font used for the descriptions of team matches, it would help a lot.



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