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closing membership

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    How do I close my membership? I go to home and then to "membership" and all it goes is offer me an upgrade. No where on the site do I see the option to cancel my membership.

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    go to 'account' instead.

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    "Account" is inside the "Home" block. Hope it helps. But the thruth is that it is very hard to find a resignation "click" in any web club......"Upgrades? enough to fill the Universe

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    The fastest way is to say that you use an engine. They put you on a list but if you do not want to play again it should not bother you. Saves you the search ;-)

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    Depends on how you paid for the membership. if you payed with pay-pal (as I did), go to the pay-pal website and on your pay-pal statement "unclick" payment which would allow them to take the money which they set up to come out automatically on your anniversary, that way you will have to renew every year. if you don't pay (by that I mean renew) you are back to basic membership. you would have to call your credit card company to do it other wise....Hope this helps Cool


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