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Computer let the time run out!

  • #1

    LOL, thought this was cute and haven't seen it before: Computer2-MEDIUM may have violated our Fair Play policy - it has been noted and they may have their account restricted.


  • #2

    Haha, got into an infinite loop!

  • #3

    Cant' even beat the computer without racing the clock. So lame.

  • #4

    e4mostly, could I have the link to the game?

  • #5

    GMPrice. Lol, you need to get a grip. You lost on time. Get over it and quit stalking me.

  • #6

    Kansha, I'll try to find it, 5 months ago.

  • #7

    Uff, I got caught in one of the ressurected posts :( Sorry, you don't have to find the game.


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