Concurrent Games settings


Dear Chess.coim staff,

would it be possible to switch the default setting for "Concurrent Games per Opponent" from 1 to 2? When running team competitions there will be inevitable be a couple of teams that miss to change the settings and so the competition gets dragged out.

How does everyone else see it? Is there a good reason to keep the setting at "1"?




I don't like to have that setting at "1". Whenever I am playing a teammatch game with someone that take like 3 days, in a 3 dpm game, I get done in like 5 months from the start of the game.


doesn't matter to me.  if u r a group admin, you've set up enuf team matches u know it defaults at 1. if u want 2, change it.  a lot of my members like 1, but it's 6 of 1 and half dozen of the other to me.  don't care one way or the other.