Conditional move trigger alerts


Sorry if this have already been asked/answered, but could not find it if so.

Anyway when using conditional move and the player is making that move as in my conditional move, I still get the alert, like when its my turn. Is there some way to turn this off, I dont need an alert for that.

Hope the question makes sense.


explain more ???



When it becomes my turn in a game an alerts comes up in the alert box to right of my screen.That alert also comes up when a conditional move have been triggered, even if its still not my turn.

What makes the alerts show up is the fact that someone have made a move and the "game" thinks that its now my turn and have not "seen" the conditional move even if it have done the move and all is fine there.


Unfortunately, there is no way to shut off the alert when you trigger a conditional move.


Any idea to get this fixed?

I have to admit, it is a bit annoying when I get alerted without reason.