Could use a little help here...




I like to look in the game explorer alot to practice my openings and stuff. Once I found out that it stored my games im like "Awesomeness! Im going to use this so much." So a few weeks ago I looked at "My Chess Games" and there were some that came up. (I think I only did online only.) Just now I went in there and clicked "my chess games" and nothing came up from the starting position. Please help me! I am desperate Cry


I am sorry, the programmers have informed us that they are updating the game explorer, which is why you're not able to see the games on there at the moment.

They have assured us this will be working shortly though.

Sorry :(


Ok, thanks for letting me know. It wont erase all my previous games will it?


I'm pretty sure it won't. Smile


Ok, thanks for the help guys! Smile