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Création d'un groupe

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    Je souhaiterais créer un groupe afin de nous permettre de jouer les uns contre les autres au sein de ce même groupe

    Pour info, nous serions une bonne dizaine (voir plus)

    La plupart d'entre nous étant des amateur + + avec quelques amateurs un peu plus chevronés


    Merci de vos infos!



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    Bonjour, d'après les infos du site il faut être membres premium pour créer un groupe. Mais vous pouvez vous inscrire dans un groupe existant; Il faut cliquer dans l'ordre sur le site : accueil (en haut à droite) , groupes et équipes, groupes et équipes, page 8 il y a le groupe TEAM FRANCE. Cordialement

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    Je te remercie pour ces préciaux conseils!


    Au plaisir

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    Are you guys the french resistance? The war is over pals. We won ! You can still eat baguettes and smelly cheese.

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    For the attention of Lou-for-you


    Anger and intolerance are the enemies of a good understanding.


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    Pour pp et co, je suis entierement d'accord avec Gandhi. Qu'est-ce qu'il dit sur l'humour?

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    Lou-for-you wrote:

    Are you guys the french resistance? The war is over pals. We won ! You can still eat baguettes and smelly cheese.

    Pourquoi? Ce n'est pas très gentil de dire ça. Tu sais, je suis français aussi ;)

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    Oui, je sais. Tu prends plein de vacances.. :-)

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    He Lou-for-you, je wilt met je commentaar toch niet suggereren dat vrijheid van meningsuiting zich beperkt tot het Engelse taalgebied? Ik vind het wel mooi om dit Frans te lezen. Vooral van een zin als 'Je te remercie pour ces préciaux conseils!' kan ik genieten. Als je die omzet naar het Engelse equivalent 'I would like to thank you for your precious recommendations!', dan klinkt dat toch minder vriendelijk en wellevend dan in het Frans.

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    Not really, especially since it is precieux, but i found it interesting to see that the gentlemen come in a group of ten to play with each other.. Ils sortent du maquis. But it is nothing more than pulling a leg.

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    I was already surprised by your reaction, because I know you as a tolerant man. :-)

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    Sure, most are. I prefer to err on the positive side when confronted with a reaction that is difficult to judge. Who can take a comment about french resistance serious? The Germans were in Paris after a couple of days...

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    I was a little surprised about the tone of your first statement, although I had a laugh when reading it and I thought I can better ask you what you meant to say. Furthermore could I not resist writing it in Dutch.

    The bold caps lock sentence is way out of hand as a reaction. Sometimes is writing a perfect mirror of the mind.

    You mean 'resistance is futile' and that the Borg are to be compared with the Germans? No kidding.

    Unfortunately I have to defend the French as we weren't able to withstand the Germans either. But what is in a name, the name of their country comes from a Dutch tribe. And I think they were attacked from the wrong side to defend themselves properly. The English have always had much more trouble defeating the French.

    What Gandhi said about humour:

    'If I had no sense of humour, I would long ago have committed suicide.'

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    I found Hannie Schaft a remarkable story. Especially her last words against those that shot her : " i shoot better " Nothing but respect for the french resistance by the way, but whenever something does not work in france, it is not unusual to hear jokes about why it only took a week, or the drinking of Vichy water.. But who cares?




    21st October 1940

    Frenchmen! For more than 30 years in peace and war I have marched with you.

    I am marching still along the same road. Tonight I speak to you at your firesides, wherever you may be, or whatever your fortunes are: I repeat the prayer that upon the louis d'or, "Dieu protege la France"

    Here at home in England, under the the fire of the Bosche we do not forget the ties and links that unite us to France . . .

    Here in London, which Her Hitler says he will reduce to ashes, and which his aeroplanes are now bombarding, our people are bearing up unflinchingly. Our Air Force has more than held its own. We are waiting for the long promised invasion. So are the fishes . . .

    Frenchmen - rearm your spirits before it is too late. Remember how Napoleon said before one of his battles:î These same Prussians who are so boastful today were three to one at Jena, and six to one at Montmirailî

    Never will I believe that the soul of France is dead! Never will I believe that her place amongst the greatest nations of the world has been lost forever.

    Remember that we shall never stop, never weary, and never give in . . . We seek to beat the life and soul out of Hitler and Hitlerism. That alone - that all the time - that to the end. Those French who are in the French Empire, and those who are in the so-called unoccupied France, may see their way from time to time to useful action, I will not go into details . . hostile ears are listening . . .

    Good night then: Sleep to gather strength for the morning. For the morning will come. brightly it will shine on the brave and true, kindly upon all who suffer for the cause, glorious upon the tombs of heroes. Thus will shine the dawn.


    Long live also the forward march of the common people in all lands towards their just and true inheritance, and towards the broader and fuller age.



    21st October 1940.



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