Current Java security threat -- disable it?


The department of Homeland Security is telling us to disable Java in our computers.   There's no hint yet when a patch might be released for the current day-one hole that's used by several exploit kits that are already in the market.

What is's position on this problem?

What features here would be disabled for users who were to disable Java?


For info on why you should turn off Java, and how to do it....,2817,2414191,00.asp


java is about to be disabled on all our computers...

will see what happens ??????



Only the user/administrator (you for your machine and me for mine) can disable Java.  Homeland Security and lots of other authorities and experts are telling us that we should do so.  Apparently the exploit in question can break out of the sandbox and into the host machine.

Seeing Live Chess and Tactics Trainer (the two features that have drawn me here) make me think that is heavily implemented through Java.  It would be good to get's opinion on the level of threat, but they might feel constrained from saying anything, since there might be no retreat from Java avaiable to them.


I turned Java off several days ago.  I've been doing Tactics Trainer daily.  Having Java off hasn't had any noticable effect on Tactics Trainer.


What a happy surprise. Thanks, Baldr.