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Disable buzzer, arrows

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    I'm becoming resigned to having to use the new site, but there is one area that is making me look elsewhere- everytime I make an 'illegal' move a buzzer sounds. I could be frantically moving my king in the closing seconds when this damn noise screams out with a red light going off. How do I disable it? It was never in the old version; why introduce such a childish gimmick? In addition, at times an arrow is on the screen anticipating a move- again, how do I disable this? I've spent so much time searching through the settings- apparently, there are two 'sprockets', one of which is invisible unless one know sto hover over an indecipherable symbol featuring two arrows. Is there no simple way to enjoy basic chess without these gimmicks?

    Thank you. Please forgive my tone; I'm just so frustrated over these little things. Most I've managed to remove through ad-block (sorry, but if that's the only way to ensure I get no alerts ordering me to use a focus mode or see pretend opening move titles or nasty comments, so be it) but I can't disable one specific sound.

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    It's been a week....

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    You can only disable sounds completely - not just one. If you don't like the error sound, you could send a feedback/suggestion email to the staff/developers.
    There is a setting to turn off the legal move arrows.

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond, manekapa. This is like Facebook 'support'- there's no support from admin- they leave it to users like you to be kind enough to offer ideas rather than inconvenience themselves but still think people would give them money to 'upgrade'. Maybe the upgrade site involves disco music when one wins. Of course I don't want to turn off ALL sounds. I have also wasted time going through the various settings and sending feedback. This was not a 'feature' in the old version- why on earth would they feel the need to introduce it?


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