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    Hey guys,

    I recently signed up for the 7-10 day (I forget which) free trial Diamond membership, which I forgot to cancel. I want to stay a member, but I want to be a platinum ($50) member, not a diamond (I use the tactics trainer a ton, but not the chess mentor or the other diamond benefits). My card already got hit for the $100 odd bucks, so I was hoping I could get a refund for half of that and stay on as a platinum member. Is that possible?

    Note: When I go to the membership page, it tells me I have ~$96 membership credits. Does this simply mean I have enough "credits" to be platinum for two years, diamond for one, or gold for 3+? If this is how it has to be, that's fine, but I would really like to only pay for one year of platinum.



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    Hi Jeremy

    Yes, thats what the credits are :)

    You could click on Help & support and the bottom of this page, then on Contact Us and opt for Billing & premium membership to discuss any possible refund.

    For security reasons we can't discuss your personal payments in a public forum  Smile

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