Draw by insufficient material?


I should have won this game on time and yet, it was drawn by insufficient material. I don't understand, when you win on time yet have no way of making mate, is that a draw then? I didn't know that.




@OP: Correct. The clocks do not override the object of the game. When time runs out, checkmate must theoretically be possible by any sequence of legal moves, or else the "winning" side--that is, the side that would win--only draws.

As a matter of fact, Chess.com abides by the rules of one of the federations in this regard. If the opponent of the player who times out has only a King and Bishop or King and Knight, then the game is drawn by insufficient material, even though checkmate might still be possible by any sequence of legal moves. The reason for this is that achieving checkmate with the two pieces is highly impractical.

I cannot remember which federation uses this rule. I think it is FIDE, but it might be USCF.


Alright, thanks. You learn something new every day.


I haved sometime network problems and when recnect my net but I was loss the match why?