Encoding problems in Member Notes?




I've encountered a number of problems when posting in the notes of other members. To give a bit of background, I post every once in a while to remind members in my World League team to join World League matches when they come up. I include a link that should take them to the appropriate page.


Two problems. The minor problem is that I find that some of the spaces are "eaten up" and it makes what I type look funny because some of the words start running together. The other problem is that links that span more than one line (not sure about what happens if it only spans one line) don't work because of an encoding problem (at least that's what I think it is). This hasn't been a problem in the past, so I suspect it has something to do with the new interface (or maybe it was intentional, I don't know). But the strange "invisible" encoding that is screwing everything up is "%e2%80%8b". It would be great if someone could fix these problems.


Thanks in advance. :)


I agree.  Is there some way to post links in group notes that work?  At least links to matches?