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error with chess.com awarding draw

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    White has two WHITE bishop and cannot achieve a mate, how can they be given the win when my timer is at 0

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    2 WHITE Bishops + King is indeed insufficient mating material,  when this material 1st occured after 80. Bxf1 it should've been declared a draw because of impossibility of mate, maybe one of you changed the draw conditions prior to starting this game?

    You could've 47... Rxc7 before White premoted to a 2nd White Bishop & had plenty of opportunities to take 1 of the White Bishops before your opponent was forced to take your Rook to get out of mate, mind you White's Bishops also had plenty of chances to take your Rook.

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    They are of the same colour so the can't fair point it is a mistake

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    A hahahaha
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    What a game!

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    I'd love to see Chess.com's response to this one! 

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    The site just looks at material, not locations of that material. Since it only looks at material, 2 bishops are sufficient grin.png


    I'm sure that is an extremely rare occurrence and probably isn't something they would code a check for.

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    Currently you are right, we don't code check for two bishops of the same color... but we have a ticket in now to start code checking for it  


    You should feel special, to have a game end that way is probably 1 in 1,000,000,000 games. 


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