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    just straight shooting here ok now  i know u peeps n peepers <-(boy n girls) r chess enthusiests or efficienottoes (mind my spelling) when ur playing the semi slav n u play 1.d4 what do u play when they play d5 then ucant play 2.c4if u do he takes u cant play 3 KNb-c3 so what can u do tell me all the twists n turn in this game so i can learn. this is ratatouie

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    Hi ratatouie. Alright, lets see if I can tackle what your asking. To me it sounds like you want an opinion on how to deal with the queens gambit accepted. White doesn't decide to play the semi slav, black does. If play goes 1. d4 d5 2. c4 This is the queens gambit. From here black can choose  number of moves including 2...c6 (the semi-slav variation). If instead he chooses to play 2...dc the opening then becomes the queens gambit accepted (2...e6 is the queens gambit declined. 2...Nf6 will could transpose). I'll add diagrams so you can see.




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    fischer this is good but i was talking abt the semi slav n ur talking queens gambit accepted maybe i just dont understand but this good but can u tell me all the ways a person can be attacked n how they can defend from those attacks in any given position thats more along the lines of what im  talking abt. u see i dont realy get what chess is all abt, n ill even take diagrams n stuff what ever is needed to learn tell me n ill shhoot my email address over to u.

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