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fair play policy

  • #1

    I got this "fair play policy" alert several times today without aborting any games or letting the time run out. So what could be wrong?

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    It is happening to me as well. Games keep on popping up all over the place, then when I close them down, I get a fair play policy warning. Today, I have had my play restricted, so that I must wait 5 minutes before the next game.

    I suppose that it is a bug, which will be fixed soon.

  • #3

    watsontv, thanks for your reply! I didn't know that the restriction just takes 5 minutes, i guess, i could manage that Smile

  • #4

    If you haven't had trouble before, then it might be a bug, a screw came loose a few days ago and wreaked havoc on a lot of things.

  • #5

    I have also got "fair play policy" several times after the display of the message "abondoned by server" against my will of playing with anybody.

    For the chess.com staff, could you pls kindly inform me how to sort out this problem? I have never abondoned any games and been restricted for the access of games. Even this happens for 5 mins, frequent restrictions are disturbing and stressful. I very much appreciate your help.

  • #6

    I'am also having this problem. Just got restricted. Please fix this bug. Thank you!

  • #7

    never had that problem


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