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fair play policy

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    how come to comply fair play policy. i invite opponent my move then his turn... from here do i have to wait until he move???? if your oppenent will not move till 2mins... does this mean you have wait his first move???? better check your fair play policy..ty

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    For a few days, I was restricted for 5 minutes between games. Why ? I never aborted games, nor stalled etc... What can I do from here ?

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    Have you taken a look at this page? http://support.chess.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/171/0/fair-play-policy

    The Fair Play Policy will be triggered if a player aborts/lets the server abort too may games (the server gives you 15-20 seconds to make your first move before it aborts the game) or if you stall/ disconnect during a game.

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    i see bro.... just feel lazy to find the answer... thanks


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