Finished Games not Showing up in Archives


At least two of my games (and possibly a third or more) that finished about an hour ago or so are not showing up in my Recent Games listing or in the Archives.  My rating shows that it has changed, but the games that accounted for the change are not displayed.

Luckily, at least two of the games were team matches, so I am able to access those games through the team match listing in the group for which I played.  (I went to my opponent's Recent Games and Archives listing, and the games are not showing up there, either.)  However, there appears to be at least a third game that I cannot find, that also evidently finished.  The only evidence showing that it finished is a change in my rating after the second team match game mentioned above ended.  (My opponent timed out in the team match games; so my rating went up to 1615 after the first time out, and then 1630 after the second one.  On my Recent Games listing, it still shows my last game as one where my rating went to 1607.  Again, there is no listing of the team match games, where my rating went to 1615 and then 1630.  And now, my stats show my current rating at 1637, but there is no listing, alerts or e-mails about which game or games those were that made my rating go up by another total of 7 points.)

Anybody else having this problem?

I hope all the games that are not listed can be found and put into my Recent Games and Archives listings.

Thank you.


I need the game link from an email alert in order to be able to locate the game. Or if it was a team match or tournament game, i need to know which team match or tournament (link) it was please otherwise i can't locate the game to put back in your games history


Thanks kohai, I will send you a message.  And that would take care of the team match games, but there was still least one or two other games which changed my rating another 7 points.  Unfortunately, I never got an e-mail alert about those; don't know why.  (I actually got 4 e-mails alerts for the 2 team match games; oddly enough.)

Anyway, I will send you a message with the info I have to add on at least those two team matches.  Thanks again for the help.  And I guess if those other games cannot be located, that's the way it goes.  I just wish I could find out or remember all the games I was playing, so then I could tell which one or ones are missing.  Oh well.

Thanks again.


This has happened to me as well: is the last (or 2nd to last) game I finished and is not showing up.

I know it doesn't really matter, but my mild OCD is kicking in haha. 


I had the same issue. I just clicked on the play chess icon on the top left of the page and it reset.


Sorry Live Chess