For a subscription they took $ 99 without asking. appl store does not return money. how to return m

thank you

  That has nothing to do with banks are closed on the weekends.

Pay pal Ido not have.
I'll have it in 2 weeks.
and I will get the money 

Can u fix ur text to this text

ivaanmardari may return the money through the Western Union?
I need these money

I doubt they simply took $99 from you. You likely consented the free trial which states if not canceled before a certain date you will continue with your membership and pay. I guess this will teach you to be more careful in the future.


If Apple won't cooperate, then I guess you're screwed, but you can utilize the membership and turn into something worth  a lot more.


How many rating points are equal to $ 1?


   Geezs Louise, I don't know....this sounds bad. I knew a guy who answered an ad once for $99. and they drained his entire life.shock.png Its a slow insidious scam. The OP should immediately check all his bank balances, student loan, mortgage, car ins, back taxes. health ins, life ins property deeds, stock certificates, wills. Go upstairs......make sure your wife is sleeping and the kids are Ok......DO NOT let them out of your site/ sorry....sight.  Don't start your car......when people don't pay the $99, their car mysteriously explodes. surprise.png                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                SEE!......I told you!shock.png.......this is what happens when you don't bundle your chess membership with your life insurance.angry.png


Hi Alex please give money through Western Union