Free/Guest Accounts?


I found this chart:

But what does a free/guest account get access to?


Helloooooo! You get access to me!!!!!!Laughing

trysts wrote:

Helloooooo! You get access to me!!!!!!

Temper your joy, brother.



I'm flattered, where's the drink in hand?Wink

Mogford wrote:

I found this chart:

But what does a free/guest account get access to?

Okay, seriously now because this is a help and support topic.


You get lots of stuff:


1. Unlimited Live Chess and unlimited turn-based chess.

2. 30 day games archive.

3. Participation in groups, team matches and vote chess.

4. One non-official tournament at a time and as many official tournaments as you can enter.

5. Full forum posting rights.

6. Limited tactics trainer.

7. Limited on-site analysis.

8. As many articles as you can read.


Lots of other stuff, I'm sure others will flesh out the list.


Fleshing-out the list:

You get access to various gorilla sites, wombat living space, and donkey resting places, as well as nurse shark bordellos, and chipmunk fraternities as a "lead" member. When you go "gold" , it's soooo Illuminati...


nothing, lol


1 free entry into the I'm ilikeflags' kid for the day competition.

Any 5 of TheGrobe's moose joke collection.

A chance to be accepted by the "cool kids" here.

Free advice on avatar selection.

Grammar and spelling lessons galore.

Spam master class with AndyClifton.

PrawnEatsPrawn wrote:

Thank you.