Game aborted by myself?


Winning a 30 min.... suddenly game aborted, -13

Few time after, winning after some moves, game aborted again!!!!! -6



We're aware of this issue and are very sorry that this happened. We're working our hardest and fastest to get this fixed ASAP.

Please bear with us while we do this and again, we're very sorry that this happened.


first problems with lagg, then problems with won games that was counted as lost cause time delay that was overpassed by the losing opponents.... now this!!!!!

Before release a version or an update of a bad working version, it would be good if the programmers would be enough competent to prevent this problems to us players that just wanna have fun.
Incompetent Programmers = bad working software = angry players (like me)

Your answer dont helps me in any way to recuperate my lost points in cheated games or software problems. IT IS A SHAME!!!!