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Game Not In Archive

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    Thanks for your assistance.

    I'm playing in the Asian League Team India v Team Australia and recently my opponent lost a game on time (Vijay_Phanidhar v HoldemRulzOK). I got the rating points for the game but it doesn't appear in my games archive and I checked my opponents archive and it's not in his either. Please investigate.

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    Do you have the actual website link to the game in question? If you can provide that I would be able to restore this game so that it shows up in the game archives for both players.

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    Not sure how to post the website link or to find out what it is. I can bring the game up and view it on the screen by going into the Team Australia Group and selecting the team match. Any ideas?

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    Thanks, if staff could get the above game in my archive, would be great.

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