Getting attention on my analysed games.



Despite this site being a big chess site, I have gotton no feedback on my 4 games in the Analysis Forum.

I feel new topics and new messages go so fast in such large quantity, that it is hard to get my games noticed.

What do you recommend me?

It feels that is much more on quick quantity then slow quality.


Jaap Amesz


That's a shame.  You put a lot of work into analyzing those games.  It's a two part problem (at least).  You nailed it with your quantity over quality analogy.  Mostly folks are looking for games of beginner/early intermediate level so they can take a quick look and point out pretty obvious errors.  The second problem is that you're already such a good player that the pool of qualified commentators shrinks considerably (and I am definitely not one of them).  Maybe you would be better off writing a blog?  Although how many of them get read is questionable as well.

Maybe if you played a few games on the site and established your credentials more folks would click on your posts.  When they see that you're unrated I think they tend to just move on to another post.  Sorry I couldn't be more help.


You're too strong a player to get relavant feedback in the forums.


Hi Jaap-Amesz!

Since you are a strong player and you're clearly putting a lot of effort into this analysis, one thing you could consider is writing a blog! 

If the content is of a high quality, you can send a message to me to be considered for our "Top Bloggers." These top blogs get cycled through the front page of, and that will really increase your views.

Here's an article on how to format the blog and make sure it's top quality content:


You're strong, man.


Zo zie je maar dat ik al in 2015 bezig was. Het runnen van een leuke club is moeilijk.


Je bent feitelijk te goed, daardoor zijn  je analyses moeilijker toegankelijk. Misschien dat je het wat eenvoudiger kan uitleggen? Waardoor minder geoefende schakers het ook kunnen volgen, een kwaliteit waarvan ik weet dat je hem bezit happy.png