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Got booted from chesswarriers group

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    I joined the group and am a premium member in good standing and a decent player.  I joined the group when I saw a friend of mine, brainstew1982 was a member.

    I joined their tourneys and then got an email that I was kicked out of the group.

    I wrote the admin 3 days ago and got no response.

    Any ideas on what I can do or how I can get help with this?

    thanks in advance,


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    yes thats what im thinking but just cant understand that for no reason and with no explanation they banned me from the group.

    you're right i will find other groups to join.  i am in the black cats group.

    thanks for writing!


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    I recommend joining large groups, for me the best is Team Scotland as they play in World League matches - I imagine there is one where you can represent your country in Team matches and maybe join in Vote Chess matches.  Good groups wouldn't boot you for no reason.

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