hack please help

player Rishu110067

I was played a bullet I was clearly wining... was before the matte... But suddenly the game stop at my time 07 sec and his time 12 and say draw... How he do? Please help.


This game https://www.chess.com/live/game/2682976661?username=tonyzzzzzzz


Before blaming your opponent you should study the rules of chess. You stalemated your opponent. result is a draw.


 You think with elo 1000 someone don't know the rules of chess?

You 're insulting with no reason. You are ignorant, cheeky and totally immature.

You are working here stupid?

If someone ask help this is your answer?

It is obvious that was a blinder for me.

I ask help and you start ...

Before blaming your opponent....


Better not work.

Or keep your manners for your mama.


If you were a responsible person you would at least say sorry. But I am sure you are not.

I hope some others working with you see my perspective and do something with you.


Anyone have a spare lock for this guy?


Here's an article that answers your question. happy.png



And for understanding better....

Before blaming your opponent you should study the rules of chess. You stalemated your opponent. result is a draw.

Have 1000 ways express the meaning different.


Hi. You not see is a stalemate?

Have a nice day.


You understand me or not it's up to your manners.



Have a nice day.

Tonyzzzzzzz wrote:

 Thanks for the article.

No needed.

I try to explain that I no have reason for blaming my opponent.

Sometimes all we have blind moments in chess. 

I wrote for the impolite way of the answer before.

If someone can understand ok.

If not I can not help.


And for all that you wrote here...

Yes. Everybody can have an opinion....

You know the rest?

Or you know only about stalemate???

One good example is about

Real name hidden...

He want just speak...

Not think before. I don't know if he 12 year old.

Sorry if he is...

He didn't understand that the meaning of that I mention the elo of 1000 was that


And my elo before 1 week was 1400.

But from 800 everybody know about stalemate and mate and moves.


But he open the mouth for speak.

He not understand but speak.


Sorry I mention about.


Chess community will be better with polite communications.

*Facepalm* He wasn't being rude at all, simply stating that you should've looked at the position much more clearly before coming to the clearly ignorant conclusion that the person was cheating.


For that I write for blind.

Why you have the conclusion that I not look.

So we have an other unpolite expert comming..


 And for an other time....

We have detected that one or more of your recent opponents has violated our Fair Play Policy. As compensation for potentially unfair rating losses, we adjusted your following ratings:

Bullet: 1134 + 8 => 1142 


Sometimes can happened.

I not accuse for a reason.

And I make a mistake.

This is not a reason someone be not polite.

Everybody can help if is polite better.