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Hacking clock at Chess.com

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    Hi All,

    I have always fallen into this trap and lost the game. Somehow my opponent (this time it was [removed, public accusations not allowed -- VP]) won the game by hacking my clock. Both clocks (his and mine) started blinking when he knew he lost the game. Then my connection was disconnected and when I rejoined he already won. See the screen shot below. I was playing the white pieces.

    This problem is really making me think whether to use the portal anymore or not.



    [removed image due to accusations -- VP]

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    You could have been disconnected because of poor internet.

    You came back to him as the winner because when you disconnect you abandon the game. 

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    Also, I wouldn't name and shame, it's against https://www.chess.com policy.


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    anirban_friends wrote:

    Somehow my opponent  won the game by hacking my clock.


    This problem is really making me think whether to use the portal anymore or not.




    Not possible to hack the clock.

    You lost connection, and therefore the game.


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    No that's actually really weird.


    I've lost connection before, you get at least a few minutes to rejoin before it kicks you out. In 10 minute chess, you get 2 minutes to rejoin at least. In 30 minute chess you have 6 minutes to rejoin I think. I've played opponents who lost connection a lot and they still did fine due to this rule.

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    A wizard did it, I tells ya.  I've never read any Harry Potter books, but I would so read "Harry Potter and the Falling Flag".

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    Similar thing happened to me.I just played the game against lewiseisen.I had about 30 sec on my clock and he had about 20.suddenly,on his move,his clock started to blink,and reset time to time.when he made a move,about 20-30 second later,my time was out and i lost that game.conlusion is-he was on move but apparently on my time.

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    and no,i didnt lost connection.that was my first thought,but i looked at it all the time.i was there.

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    Please read https://support.chess.com/customer/portal/articles/1444918 for an explanation of what is most likely happening with your clock: it's not possible for it to be something that your opponent is doing.

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    You are not understanding the situation. I have a very fairly high-speed connection which never goes out. This is not the first time I faced such issue. How come my connection go out exactly when I reach a decisive position. Both our clock starts blinking and I loose my internet connection only in chess.co. However, I can still open other websites at the same time.

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    @VP - I see you have removed the name of the opponent who did it. Why don't you investigate his account and check how often he won when his opponent lost connection. This is not internet issue for sure.

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    Itis possible to hack clocks on chess.com super annoying seen it happen to me

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     I too have witnessed the said behavior a couple of times, and through deduction i have concluded that the only logical reason one runs out of time, especially when they are at an advantage over their opponent is that the particular opponent has access to chess.com severs either directly or indirectly.

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    I don't know about the blinking business, but on two occasions in 10 minute chess I have had the following happen. I am ahead in material on the board and check the time to make sure  I am not in time trouble. I see that I am also ahead on time by a lot (2-3) minutes and there is about 5-6 min. left in game total. I make my move. My opponent goes off line, comes back on line and moves. Before I can move again I get a timeout loss. I make notes of the player names now and abort games before starting with them again. 


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