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Resolved: Hello World (and a quick question)

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    Hi All, Just recently joined so wanted to say hi. o/ I'm a keen amateur player and it's really great to find a place with so many other chess fans. :-) As for the question, I'm using the iPhone app to play at the moment - do you know if I have to play a certain number of games before I get a rating? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to meeting many of you over a game or two. Cheers, N.

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    Are you talking about live chess (X# minutes for your combined turns) or online (turn-based, X# days per move)? Either way, I think that one or two RATED games should get you a rating. Make sure if that's what you're looking for to only accept and create rated games.

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    I think you start with a rating of 1200 and move on from there. Shouldn't have to wait for a certain number of games to get a rating, although clearly the more you play the more accurate your rating. Make sure you play rated games though!
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    You can usually find your own chess.com answers by using the search window here and going to the HELP files. Also check out my 3rd link, search engines outside of chess.com will often provide you with answers quickly once you know how to use them.




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    Thanks for the replies (and also the links). I'm playing Online btw. I have to say it's very nice playing real people. Makes a nice change to the computer or studying books. :)
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