Help! Live Chess keeps freezing up and crashing


I've been playing some games and I'm noticing that the Live Chess keeps freezing up on me and crashing during games which is making me lose alot of games unnecessarily, not fun, can anyone help me diagnose the problem?


I'm having the same problem. Unfortunately, I won't renew my membership w/, as I have good hardware, an up-to-date OS, and I only have problems with THIS site. I don't think they have enough capacity in their servers. Also, I keep getting a funky error message when I try to contact support. Too bad, I like the resources.


Same problem. Connection Interrupted-reconnecting, every 10 seconds, this on many many ISPs around the world, so it seems to be a site problem. Oh and also from my home pc apple mac imac, and my windows 7 laptop, so it isn't my pc. Any help appreciated as I can't play chess like this.


i can not get the analysis board to work must be this site .asit works on every other site. also will not renew my membership


Can you all let me know which operating system you're using, and which browser and version please so i can try to replicate what you're experiencing?

If any of you are using IE9, please disable the seek graph.


Live Chess keeps freezing up on me and crashing during games which is making me lose alot of games on time. Can anyone help me diagnose the problem?  I see several messages from months ago but I don't see any resolution responses.  Is anyone listening?  My PC speed and ISP is fine.



I have the same issue...only this site...using a Mac...keep getting disconnected from games. Mac OS X Version 10.6.8.  Just started happenning in the last week or so.


Anyone else having this issue recently or is it my end?  My wireless signal on the Mac is full bars but the connectivity signal is just a sliver of red.


@chazaa- if you're using Safari, try using a different browser. 


I can try that but the odd thing is that it sometimes does not do it at all and other days it just keeps doing it.  Seems like a connectivity issue at the end to me.  I will try another browser tos ee if tht works.  Thanks.


I am also having trouble staying connected, or even getting connected to Live Chess. No troubles with any other site, or any other features on Using up-to-date Firefox on up-to-date Windows.


Elo points from one game don't make a difference in the long run. The lower your rating, the more points you gain from a win, so over the course of a dozen or so games you would get the lost points back.

What's of more concern is the "abandoned" game, as people may not want to play you if it appears as though you run from games when losing.


Ah, okay; I thought you were serious about the points ;)


People are doing that a lo! I lost a big number of games for other players that, somehow, manage to freeze the game and make me "loose" my conncetion. That's some serious security leack!


I find that I am about to win, the opponent closes the game and at that point it crashes my end, and my time runs out whilst it is trying t reconnect , which it never does. 


I have a macbook pro with mavrix os x. I use firefox. My pc - also during live matches- freezes interely resulting in me restarting my pc.


OK - I'm reading this, having similar issues, also concerns about certain ads which are a privacy invasion and yes I could get rid of them if I paid but it's not having ads that bothers me, it's the nature of some of them which seems to imply a privacy/security issue.  I think staff are in denial: they keep asking what OS or browser we are using when it's clear from the above that it happens with all sorts of different systems. Also this thread started three years ago and the issue is not resolved. It's a pity - I really like playing on but I can't be having it playing havoc with my computer so I'm going to have to look somewhere else. Staff, please stop blaming users when there is clearly a significant issue at your end.


My interfaces freezes up all the time. I use a Macbook with retina screen. I can only play one game at a time, one the second the whole thing just freezes up. No way I will become a paying customer here!


Please be relevant, helpful & nice!The samething keeps happening to me,i cannot complete a game without some move freezing or i cannot even send a message to my opponant.I use fios but i think this sites server is to blame,and then they keep telling you that if you keep disconnecting they will throw you off the site.They might start by throwing off their sever because nothing seems to bad because this site used to be wonderful.