Help with First Ever Death Match


1. Any ideas on how I can view the games while watching the recorded broadcast?

2. During the live broadcast, was it possible to view the games in real time, as in, as soon as one of them made a move, you could see the move being played?

I found the death match games in the Game Archive, and will download them all as one pgn file, opening the games in ChessBase. I'm not sure if I can keep that window open while viewing the broadcast, but I imagine that I can minimize the broadcast window so that I can at least hear the audio portion, while viewing the games in ChessBase. That is my best idea of a solution for now. The ideal solution would permit me to see two windows at once, one with Danny and David, and the other window with a chessboard, like in their other Tv productions.

Could the staff produce such a video, if not now, for future Death Match contests?

It's a brilliant concept, and I hope to see more Death Matches, as they are both entertaining and educational. Thank you! Smile


1. I can't think of a better solution than yours. It was pretty clear when one game finished and the next began (and you could have fun trying to guess which moves caused the reactions on the video Wink).

2. They managed to get a board up on the screen after a few games, so yeah you could. It was of course possible to follow them in Live Chess too, but their commentary was a bit out of sync (for me anyway).