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    Help. I cannot sign in to my account and I am in a tournament. This is my facebook account and I never use it. The system will not recognise my email or password even though I am positive that my password is correct. My real account is likemikey381. Please help

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    Log in here. Ditch the FB link.

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    It still wont work :(

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    let me know the outcome likemikey.

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    @likemikey - I've sent a password reset to your email account. Please let me know if you get it. 

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    That is my problem. I dont remember the email or unfortunately if I used an existing one due to spam. an email I use is [edited]. I can answer any questions about this account if a flag is raised for you. You can also see that I have been on my account every day for almost a month playing games and now you will see the inactivity. thanks for the help. I do not want my games to timeout. Thanks

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    I have 75 minutes until I timeout

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    check your inbox :) 

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    Jac1yn you are incredible. I didnt even miss a game. Thank you so much :-) amazing!!!!

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    Don't forget to take yourself off vacation :) 

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    Already did. Thanks again!!!!


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