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how can I change language settings?

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    I've set the site language to italian, but it has been translated so poorly that I prefer to set it back to english. I don't find the page where I can do it. Does anyone know?

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    I know they have Spanish available and I switched to it.  I like using the website in Spanish but not all the time.  But the way to do this is not clear at all on this otherwise excellent website.  In short I would also like a good answer.  Thanks for asking.  

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    you can change the site language by clicking the following link and going to "language"


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    They don't have my native language available, Lower Slobbovian.

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    @Kansha: thank you

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    My pleasure, Lorso :)

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    Another it is by visit any Chess.com site then at the most bottom of the page you will see tab of language and language being used, then click it.


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