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How do disable email notifications

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    Everytime my games are short on time I receive email notifications. As I may play more than 20 games simutaneously the emails border on spam in my mailbox. I tried to turn it off but found it already turned off at my Email and Alert setting place, the "also send notifications to default email address" is unticked.

    Anyone help with it? :L

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    Use the options below to customize how and when you receive alerts. By default, alerts are delivered to you on the "Alert Panel" on the website and by email.



    do you have 'ONLINE CHESS: my move, low on time, game challenge, etc.' checked?

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    Yeh, i want the alerts by the side, but NOT the email notifications. And although all the boxes are ticked, only when low on time does chess.com send me emails.

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    Can you let me know in 24 hours time please if you're still receiving email alerts. I've made a change this end which should hopefully help you.

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    Okay I'll leave a game till its like, 6 hours left or something, that's when I get the low on time email. I'll let you know! Thanks.

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    yes it works. Thanks!

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    my e-mail notifications are bothering how do i getrid of them 

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    Where is the alert panel????


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