How do I get "Points"?

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    thik he,,,,,

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    Points still have no value here

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    Pawnpusher3 wrote:

    Points still have no value here

    Every 1000 points you get to vote for the online chess name here (rumor only).

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    Great! I need 994 points :D

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    You can do it, I think they vote in 2 days, maybe.Smile

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    Rafchess wrote:
    ChristianSoldier007 wrote:

    post in forums get points :)

     thats fine!!

    well tahts a point taken

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    PLAVIN79 wrote:


    keep it up!!!

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    winerkleiner wrote:

    Hmm if I get 4,000 points, can I get fries with that? 

    it might debennp on the Board your taking.(out(@) home)

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    blackfirestorm666 wrote:
    Gochell wrote: there any advantage for the person who does the actual "claim draw" action?

    It depends mostly on ratings difference. If one person has a highe rrating than the other then yes there are a few points lost to the higher rated player

    playing all is nog good for REPpoints then?

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    legoplaychess wrote:

    What about 1,000,000 points?

    No way dude you might be st checking your home fauld

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    wow 10 points.. well done!

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    Thanks! I didn't know what "points" were!

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    Another one! Laughing

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    I like points!

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    Points are good, em kay.

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    so how do i start to play against anyone

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    Play. At the top of the page.

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    How do I know what's my points?

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    cool a t-shirt just wat i asked santa for this christmas :D

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