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How do I just play with friends?

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    Hey, everyone.(Ignore my name, it's an inside joke.) I signed up here because it looked professional and I wanted to play a game of Chess with my friend. The problem is that the only way (that I can see) to do that is via "online chess". We want the game to be a bit faster paced, but cant figure out how to play with eachother in the "live chess" portion of the site. What do we both need to do to play with eachother in live chess? I don't want to get matched with some random stranger. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Thanks in advance.

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    Go to the play tab- click live chess, then hit the orange button. You both need to be logged into live chess at the same time for each other to show up on your friends tab.  Once you get the notification that your friend has signed on, go to the friends tab above the chat box, click his name, and then challenge to play :)

    Hope that helps. 

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    Worked for me. Thank you!


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