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How do you change your username?

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    How do you change your username?

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    join the witness protection program

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    go to help and support and write a letter to chess.com boss or staff.

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    "If you would like to change your username but keep your current account then we can help! You should contact the Member Support department by visiting http://support.chess.com/index.php?_m=tickets&_a=submit and include: 1) Your current username 2) Three possible new usernames you would like to have your account changed to (Please list the one you prefer first and the one you least prefer third) 3) The reason you would like to change your account username Once submitted we will consider your request and send you a response as to whether your account name can be changed."

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    Very politely ask Kohai :)

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    yep ive done that just now.

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    now ive changed it.

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    done  Laughing

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    dont like old name.

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    why should i tell?

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    Was it Vegeta1?

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    brandonQDSH wrote:

    Was it Vegeta1?

     no brandon it wasnt

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    it was obviously kakarrot before

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    I want a new name.

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    Tomato Soup sounds good!

  • #19

    Why are so many people writing JUNK?????

  • #20

    hmmmmm......maybe I'll consider changing too........but not for the moment.......

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