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How does the Bullet Game clock always run faster for me?

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    I think there is something wrong in the clock specially during the Bullet Games. Today also I played in a 1 min Bullet Tournament and moved my pieces almost immediately but I lost many time. Once when the mating move was made, I lost on time on the mating move. I think there should be something wrong. One player wrote that somebody had hacked the clock so he was losing on time and the opponent's clock run slowly.

    Is there any truth in it.

    I am really disappointed for my 2|1 and 1 min games also 3 min game.

    Can anyone say something.



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    Only thing I can say is I've never played blitz games, though I've played with time clocks running.  Don't really like blitz games anyhow.  You wanna improve?  Play the tactics trainer with the clock running.  I'vebeen doing that, and it's harder than chess mentor, and my rating in chess mentor is much higher than in tactics trainer.

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    step 1: turn on pre-move. step 2: win more bullet games. :D
    edit: also the clock is run server-side, meaning there is absolutely nothing players can do to alter its speed.  

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    KSBK, another thing to check is your network connection - if you have bad connection, you might be having clock problems because of that.

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    two things. internet lag and pre moves.  i can make several moves in a row in less than a second using premoves.

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    how e

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    Hi! I have also experienced clock problems both in bullet and 5-min blitz chess. I use a wifi router, and one time I played a bullet tournament in chessube but all my games were lost on time. I complained that my time decreased although it's my opponents move. The helper said that it was my connection that had a problem and not the server. Now that I'm a member here in chess.com, this is still my problem - lag. Sometimes, I lost games because I lost focus watching my clock frequently.

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    What's a premove?

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    I noticed there is no such problem with timed tactics trainer, because it's timed internally (i.e., on my side of the network link) and the elapsed time apparently is sent back to the server. Do you guys think this can be done in timed bullet (bang!) games?

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    premove. if you set your settings to allow premove you can move your pieces before your opponent moves and if its your turn the move will take place assuming it is not an illegal move

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    You can't make premove in a bullet game because you have to make your move according to the move by the opponent; yes sometimes you can decide what move you have to make before the opponent's move. But what I am telling here is the clock showed say 1.56 in my clock when the opponent made his move, and after I made my move instantly it showed something like 1.25, please note I made the move without any delay - even if there is a delay it should be around 2-4 sec, but not this many. It happened today also. The network connection was fine, it showed Green color code meaning very good connection without any lag.waiting for the other player's move, suddently chess.com page disappeared and reappeared with his move made and my time show many second loss, but this happened 2-3 times and I lost on time even though I made my move instantly. The funny thing is my connection was very good without any lag and it was Green code.

    This is one fishy thing I am worried about. If you are playing Bullets game you all may notice what I am talking. Nowadays I do win games - better than when I started playing Bullets, I've improved a lot -  deciding moves quickly - some of you have played with me so you could have noticed that.



    Now friends what do you say for this. What happened today was,

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    well that just sounds like the green bar was lieing and there was just heavy lag, or you got disconnected. but premove is super useful for the first 10 moves of the game or so if you know your openings well, and in the endgame where there are very limited options, so you can safely make moves instantly, (like pushing a lone passed pawn when you know their king can't get to it, and checkmate with a king and rook vs lone king can be forced with less than 2 seconds on the clock if you premove it, and can reasonably well predict their moves)

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    you are wrong. you can make a premove in bullet.  next time you play just make a random move before your opponent moves you will see how it works.

    but make sure you have pre move enabled in your settings first.

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    the clock has fialed on me before i can't recall when but i won on a checkmate and the clock kept switching from me to the other person and it seemed like i was hacked. they should check on  their programs more often to ensure they're safety hackings an epedemic and it affects the victims in a both mental and physical way.

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    like i said... premoves can cause that.  when you premove, your move happens before the clock can advance. if you do 5 in a row, you can actually make 5 moves in a total of under 1 second.  having said that, there is a caveat that chess.com has on live chess stating that there is no guarantee games cannot be impacted by internet problems and lag


    best is to play longer games and give yourselve more time to finish games

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    Hi friends,

    I am now convinced clock hacking is happening in chess.com. I have played 1706 bullet games here - if you want check it. there are several occasions ( more 25 games) I was winning but lost on time suddently - sometimes my last move doesn't get accepted - I have to move 2 -3 times but (that is the checkmating move !) but suddently the clock shows 00.00 time and I get the message "Loss on Time.". Also, when I make my move instantly also, my clock shows loss of 10 - 15 sec in clock time, but the opponent clock doesn't show so; the funny thing is when it shows I lost on Time, the other person's clock shows 1.12  or 0.55; he was playing taking time - sometimes more than I took. 

    So, I decided to search Internet to see if there are any article about "Hacking chess.com clock"; and found few; you can see for yourself if you search for it. Interesting, I found a member of this Chess.com wrote a post many months ago, he is Chessocity;

    I give here the link for his thread; read and decide for yourself.

    There are people asking for the "Motive" for such an act !

    I would say, "what is the motive for sending Virus to someone unknown to the person who send the Virus ? " It is the same motive these people have ! They are really Psycho ! A Sociopath!

    They enjoy /get immense pleasure when other people suffer / when others get into troubles !

    Furthermore, I would say, people who argue there is no Clock-hacking in Chess.com are actually doing that or they are very very naive !!

    Of course, there are so many honest players - I have been playing with - even today also. But these bad guys crop up on & off.

    Chess.com should look into it rather than challenging for proof for such Clock-hacking, as what a member of the Chess.com answered to Chessocity ! 

    Sorry guys for writing this lenthy article !! ;-))

    Although, there are cheaters. yesterday my Rating dropped to 692 odd from 760 or so (yes few cheaters were there), but today after winning several game I am back at 817 currently in Bullet game ! That means I have improved after playing 1706 Bullet games ((686 W / 1,016 L / 4 D)) upto this moment, though losing many for Cheaters. 

    I will continue to go up and up while cheaters exist.

    Of course, I am Not Clock-hacking !!  I don't know how to do that also.
    if I know how to do that definitely I will challenge those who cheated me earlier, by noting down their names and challenging again, so far I haven't noted down their name, but will do if by chance I get to know how to do Clock-hacking, only to punish / teach a lesson for those idiots who can't play chess but want to play it and show others they are good at it  !!

    God will help honest people !



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    i saw the article and agree withthe fact that clock hacking should be stopped and sorry about your connection and problems why don't you get an online petition to start a campiagn i know i would sign up for that. good luck with your games i just think that if 6,000 signed up that would get chess.coms attention.

    ps my next comment is on page 2

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    Hi  Siegemaster,

    Thanks for agreeing with me.

    I don't know how to do "Online petition to start a campaiagn".

    I don't mind you starting it or tell me how to do that!




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    Hi all,

    Now everyone will agree with me except those who are doing / playing with Clock-hacking !

    I don't know when Chess.com will do something for this.



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    im sure we can get an online petiton going ksbk im not sure how politics work in england but in america if you complian or get enough people to back  you up the big corporations listen. try search engines for links and if you find one let me know and we can limit or cease the hacking on chess.com.


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