how to kill poor opening play by your opponent

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    there was a morphy game that was very similar to this one.

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    He beat two guys playing against him almost exactly the same way. It is illustrated in the Complete Idiots Guide To Chess Openings...

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    13 Rxd7 is better.

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    Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard say: no no no you dit-int. n'uh-unh.
    Here's the Morphy game:
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    8.Qxb7 is fine. Morphy was just being a fancy pants.

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    Yes, perhaps the most recognized game in the world shows why 3.Bg4 is bad.

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    AnthonyCG wrote:

    8.Qxb7 is fine. Morphy was just being a fancy pants.

    Sure, but after Qb4+ it's not nearly as entertaining :p


    One recent obvious-epiphany I had when trying to refute a poor opening set up was... let them live with it!  I thought, ok, I'll spend the next 15 moves trying to get good development / good squares for my pieces and I'll check back with my opponent then... 15 mover later he was miserable lol.

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    Here is my kill a poor opening and he resigned.

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