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inviting a tournament

  • #1

    is it forbidden to invite a tournament in chat in game? for example writing it into a game's chat:
    Join me: www.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.com?

  • #2

    This is not the best way to invite someone to a tournament on Chess.com. You should try using the actual "invite" tool on the tournament homepage for your tournament.

  • #3

    i know but is this way forbidden?, if i do it, will admins warn me or ban my account or close my tournament?

  • #4

    Your account may be closed for spamming if you repeatedly send out messages to other players about your tournament. This is why we have the Invite tool on the tournament homepage for you.

  • #5

    will someone warn me before closing my account,
    hmm but i write to people just for 1 time, not more

    is it a problem ?:(


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