iphone 4 "live" function not working with latest app update

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    I recently updated the app to the newest version but now when you hit play live all the buttons are stacked on top of one another in the top left hand corner. I have done a reinstall and also confirmed with a friend that is having the same issue on his iphone. Is there a way to use the older version of the app or am I stuck till the next update? 

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    I just installed the iPhone app on my 4S running iOS 5.1 and I see exactly what Vegor is seeing: all UI elements are stacked up near the upper left corner and I can't play anymore :(. 

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    Exactly the same with my iPhone 3GS. Can't play live chess since update yesterday. Very annoying :-(

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    I love live chess!  And I also am unable to play on my iPhone 3g since the last update.

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    Same here. Installed update and now I have no live options showing.

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    Anyone from Chess.com going to tell us what is after happening and when it is going to be fixed!!??....

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    Same here. A pity.

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    Hi guys- we're aware of the bug, and we're working to get it fixed.

    In the meantime. If you click on the text/hidden button up in the left corner, it will still bring you to the Create a Challenge page- and from there everything seems to function normally.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Hopefully the fixed version does not require one to create a challenge. The old way - where the app just found an opponent for you within a given range for a pre-specified timed game - was very good. 

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    I agree. Having to create a challenge is a waste of time when nobody else can see the challenges, at least not from waht I found.

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    Hi peeps, I am using iphone 5 and after the update I have same issue with other users, hopefully this will get sorted soon.

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    please fix this sooner rather than never ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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    I really hope this is not the end of this app..

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    me too !

    although, I can blindly create a challenge :)))

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    The fix has been with Apple since last Tuesday evening. :( Sorry about this one, guys.

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    DeepGreene wrote:

    The fix has been with Apple since last Tuesday evening. :( Sorry about this one, guys.

    I hope they push it through soon. I'm having withdrawls.

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    Agreed! In the meantime, if you've got really careful aim, you *can* get the ball rolling by catching the lower-right corner of that mostly-hidden button. (It's the Custom Challenge button.)

    Lame, I know.. but it's a possible interim measure anyway. :\

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    i've tried that, but never went through the steps on teh next page. I'll jsut wait for the fix.

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    Same thing. I have an iPhone 5. See screenshot. Glad to hear Chess.com is working on it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times to make sure it wasn't a glitch on my phone where it didn't install correctly. But it's not. Somehow, I can "create a challenge" by trying to touch the lower right side the gray icons that are bunched up in the upper left and I'm able to play Live games with full functionality.

    Can't Chess.com recode that page and create a "new" layout of buttons instead of keeping it within the same "template" that was created for previous editions of iOS? It's good to hear that they've reached out to Apple for iOS support to see what the bug is, but it seems to me that it's a coding issue, and if not, perhaps flaw in the program used to make the app? Or blame the coder? It's easy for a coder to say "No, my programming is perfect. It's an iOS issue." To project blame on someone else. That would be really ignorant. Hopefully more than one coder has taken a close look at their own app code. But who knows what's going on here. It could be iOS. If not, "Blame the Coders." :)


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