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iphone 4 "live" function not working with latest app update

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    if you fix it, CAN you fix the new résolution for iphone 5 ? thanks

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    Oh, it's definitely our fault, no question about that. The good news is that the fix version (after a week in the "waiting room") is now in active review at Apple. Assuming it's approved, we could be back in business today or tomorrow. Fingers x'ed.

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    iPhone 5 is coming up next... Should be a couple of weeks - along with some other cool stuff as well!

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    Ok! Fix should now be in the Store. Thanks for your patience, folks. And let us know if there's anything else that's not as it should be. 

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    great !!!

    thank you chess.com !! ♥

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    Works perfectly. Thank you, guys.

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    The update has been realeased in the App Store. I just installed it and all is right in the world now. THANKS FOR GETTING THIS FIXED!!!!!

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    Thank you! now pre-move? cheers

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    I did update fine and thanks for giving back the functionality but I am sure whethe it is me but I have been kicked out from live game and I keep getting the message, "error with connecting the server, retry" or something like. I lost two games as after a while it comes that I have abandoned the game. Anyone else is having such problem or is it just my network connection.

    Thanks  for any info!!!

    PS: I am using iphone 5 if that helps in narrowing down or something..

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    Thanks, Deepgreene for all your help!

    Unfortunately even after the latest update I've been having the same problem as dynamicdude on my iphone 5. The phone can't connect to the server to play live chess or will connect only for a few seconds and then disconnect. The problem affect live chess but videos, tactics trainer, online chess are unaffected. Curiously this problem only affects only 3G and LTE connections - there's no problem on my wifi network. This problem first surfaced with the late 2012 (or was it early 2013) update and persists after the latest update.

    Any help much appreciated! Can't wait to see what the new features coming soon will be! Hoping for chess mentor support in the app!


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