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iPhone app: unable to log in through 3G connection

  • #1

    Hi. I use to play with the iOS app through wi-fi. Since the last update I'm unable to log in through the 3G connection.

    Does anybody have the same issue?

  • #2

    I guess someone could think that it's a problem with my provider but other connections are working...

  • #3

    The fact is that since the lat update every time I try to connect through 3g I can't sign in and after that I just can't even play as a guest, all I get it's the welcome screen. The app becomes completely useless.

  • #4

    Same happens to me with a Samsung Galaxy 2. I wrote a complain to Computer Support but they told me the signal level was too low! That is not a proper answer. Is it?

    By the way Vjyoyo, I am in Spain as well. My 3G supplier is Movistar. Probably it is related.

  • #5

    Shadowknight, thank you for your update. I do not think it will help me to fix it but, at least, I do not feel to be alone! Undoubtly, chess.com should put an eye on this. Do you know if there is any better place (within the forum) to raise this issue up? Thx

  • #6

    Shadowknight, I have just done so with no positive results. I cannot connect from a mobile connection even if I am getting de maximun connection quality ( H ) Thank you very much, indeed, anyway.


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