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issues with the chess.com app

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    WP looks like it will be a dark-horse player for the near future.  Fortunately with Blackberry biting the dust, it's in a solid third place.  I'm hoping the iPhone X will have newsworthy glitches or that another Android device will catch fire or have major security issues.  Microsoft has to be in a strong position to capitalize on their mistakes and gain market share.  I'm rooting for Microsoft like you root for the Redskins.  Apple is the Dallas Cowboys.  Android is the NY Giants.  To me Microsoft is the Philadelphia Eagles, as I'm from that part of the country.

    I'm also checking the Windows Store like every five minutes for the chess.com update  :-)

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    Great thoughts, Bio -- especially with your NFL East analogy!  I'm not an IT guy, but it seems that in due course the Win10 & beyond platform should find a viable, global (not just US) market. 

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    Good news!  The Windows Phone app version is up and running again.  Thanks to those who pulled the levers and pushed the buttons to make it happen! 

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    Touchdown Microsoft!  Hooooray!


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