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Lag on live chess (with Opera and Firefox)

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    I encountered this recently and had to switch to Chrome to use Live Chess since it was unusable otherwise. Could be to do with a couple of extensions I'd installed (mainly blocking javascripts and cross-application tracking activity).

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    Well, I'm guessing you've tried Chrome, right? It's lightning fast on live chess for me.

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    You're having problems with all browsers? Have you tried rebooting your router and modem? Checked all cables to make sure they're tight? And rebooted the PC when a problem shows up?

    Sounds like the problems are at your end, can you log onto chess.com using another PC preferably one using your OS and see what happens?

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    The cables are not a laughing matter when they're loose, because the device may still work - half-assed that is. And after my cable company gave me a new modem I hooked it up with a USB cable they provided, but the repairman told me the other cable they provided (ethernet cable i believe) is way better, and it is. So don't blow this issue off in the future. AND once in a blue moon the cable itself is shot and needs to be replaced.

    I think you should just use Chrome for chess.com and get over it, but if you love troubleshooting PCs I guess it's OK. After awhile I get sick and GD tired of having to fix the PC instead of just using it, but maybe that's just me; well at least I know enuff to have only had to pay someone else to fix my PC twice in the last 20 yrs or so.

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