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Live Chess, One Move Resign is Point Loss?

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    I've been playing at this site for almost 2 years now and I have to say that I wont be playing here anymore and am glad I didnt sign up for one of your memberships.  I didnt have time to play a game earlier so I resigned after the first move and got deducted 12 points for it?  These are 3 min games so its not like peoples times are being wasted.  This is an online free chess site not fidelivechessforfree.com

    Get over yourselves.

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    It probably has to do with the Fair Play policy which used to just make it so you can't play any live games, except with friends, if you abort too many games or let the time run out instead of playing to the end on to many games.

    Now, if you get caught by the policy you just have the option to resign instead of abort.

    Now, I'm pretty sure when you accept someone's seek and abort/resign immediately, they have to recreate a seek if they really want to play a game. So in essence, you do waste someone's time by aborting/resigning.

    The policy was put into place because of the scope of the number of people who do that a lot. It was modified since locking people out of Live was causing more issues with support (from my standpoint reading some topics here). Now they just make it cost a little bit and gives some benefit to the person that now has to go out and start a new game.

    And ratings are just points. They aren't that important. Before you start a seek or accept one, make sure you have the time to way up to 6 minutes (for your 3 | 0 games) or don't accept it. As you said, it is a free site (if you decide to just view the ads instead of paying a membership).

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    @OP: You would do well to re-evaluate who needs to "get over" oneself. Ratings points are not money or prestige. Why did you rant over 12 points?

    You have played here for almost two years, had one bad experience (of which we're now aware), and are now leaving abruptly. I don't mean to be rude, but this seems awfully childish.

    When you signed up for a membership, you agreed to Chess.com's terms. If you have a bad experience, the staff and many members of the community would be happy to assist you. However, you seem unwilling to even allow us to help. (And you did sign up for a membership. You have not purchased a premium membership yet.)

    Also, you admitted in your original post to "resigning," not aborting. Since you resigned, do you not deserve to lose some points--points that you can easily gain back by merely playing again?

    I assure you that this is the best chess site on the web, and that a premium membership is certainly worth the money. Why not give Chess.com another chance? If you have any more questions or issues, let us know! Smile

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    This is annoying this rule. It was fine as it was. 

    First of all i refuse to play anyone who disables chat, but if they do this after my first move as white then i got to abort, it turns to resign and you lose points.

    Secondly i just went to play a game, but as i selected an opponent the dots moved and i chose the computer, which i didn't want to play, however i had already moved as white so i went to abort and again, it changed to resign, so i needlessly lose the points again.

    Another short sighted decision by this website.

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    @TheKingOfHolborn: On the bright side, those points may be regained easily. If you are focused on gaining rating points, then you must have a competitive attitude. A competitive attitude is undermined by any finicalness for non-computer opponents who chat. In other words, you will not gain as many rating points as you could if your purpose in playing chess remains double-edged. To obtain the highest rating possible, you must be willing to play absolutely anyone and practice against them, regardless of what they do or how they treat you.

    On the other hand, if chatting with opponents is more important to you than rating points, then resigning games with those who don't chat shouldn't be an annoyance at all.

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    I think this policy is stupid really. in online chess i lost few hundread points for two games where not me or my opponent made a move! and it has nothing to do with my playing skill which is considered by my rating isn't it?. and talking about the time the opponent looses to finnd another game i guess now he's really happy and pround having a fat rating without doing nothing for it. i should have the option to abort after at least two moves for personal resons like it is on live chess, or maybe it just used to be...

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    @kdws: Were the games to which you are referring part of a tournament? If you give us some more information, we may be able to provide you with better assistance.

    For ordinary Online Chess games, each player may abort on the first move. As far as I know, Chess.com administers no penalty for aborting Online Chess games. However, if the games were part of a tournament or match, this window is not provided. In tournaments and matches, the games are more meaningful, and every result is important, so aborting is not allowed at all in those types of games.

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    whirlwind2011 wrote:

    @OP: You would do well to re-evaluate who needs to "get over" oneself.

    Yep.  Also OP could consider why such policies are there to begin with... it wasn't to ruin your day Sally.


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