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Live Chess Server Not Available

  • #1

    Here it is back again:


    "Live Chess Server Not Available" when I try to connect to the Live Interface... when is it getting back up again?

  • #2

    Just a few minutes. Maybe chess.com staff was fixing some bugs or improving some features on live chess. :D

  • #3

    Try refreshing the page, or choosing the other live chess client.

    So if you're trying to access full board, try simple (or vice versa), this can happen if you have a weak connection.

  • #4

    Is live chess Server are now available?

  • #5

    Live chess interface are now working on me.

  • #6

    nyLsel are you posting for points?

  • #7

    Posting gives you points?

  • #8

    yes, you can't do anything with them though.


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