Resolved: Member Account Closed


Trying to log in from my facebook page, am getting "Member Account Closed"

This is probably due to the fact i have previously cancelled an old username (zk_xxx) that was linked to my fb account.

Any way to relink my fb to my current username?

Please help and thanks in advance.



[Anyone reading this. Fellow members cannot help with Facebook account issues.  Mod]


zkzz, while I can see the FB account, and can open it for you there is one thing you need to do first.

Two open accounts cannot have the same email address on them and at present your closed FB account is using the same email address as your current account.

You'd need to either change the email address on this current one first, or message me privately a different one to add to the Facebook account then I can re-open it for you.

Once its open you should then be able to merge them



thanks for the reply, i was almost giving up.

i did change my email address on my fb account and am still getting an alert when tryin to link my account to my fb account that says: The current Facebook session is tied to another account already!

again i thank you for your support.


Try now as I've made the email changes for you going by the details you sent to me


yayyyy! it's working! thaaanks kohai. you're a lifesaver. thank u thank u thank u.


Happy to help :)

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