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Messages on the "My Online Chess" page

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    I've recently registered on chess.com to try it out. On the "My Online Chess" page there's a constant and annoying message with "Watch a Video Chess Lesson" and "Study withChess Metor".

    Now, will those messages disappear if I get any kind of membership? Or just if I get the Diamond membership, which includes Chess Mentor?

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    Are you referring to the messages at the top of the page? Near your username? If so, they should go away with the purchase of any membership.

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    No, the messages on a yellow background. See below:


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    I don't think its very annoying, just ignore it.

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    Well, that's a matter of personal taste. I actually find it annoying to see some text on a highlighed background. Once you get a membership, you know where to go to upgrade. You don't need to be reminded on every page visit.


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