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Mobile App Bug

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    Oh my god, I was about to win a match when my opponent offered a draw, your mobile app's accept draw and reject draw signs were inverted, so when I tapped reject draw, The app thought it was the accept draw. This is a tournament match against Mimbela, September 15 , i lost my half point because of this bug, kindly bring back the match or give me the point, you can also view the game in my recent games, thank you for your cooperatiob

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    Surprised your opponent offered a draw; that's an easily won K+R vs. K endgame. It's kinda bush league for opponents to offer draws in a hopeless position

  • #3

    I hope an admin can help me on this... I really deserved to win

  • #4

    For the second time, I resigned a game using my Android phone, and the Chess.com app resigned another one of my games (and yes, it was a tournament game!) I am now hearing from other players that this is happening to them.  It's frustrating spending months/years in a tournament and all of a sudden, you are eliminated because a bug in the app resigned a game for you.  I suggest that the verification prompt for resigning contain information about what game you are resigning so that you know you are resigning the right one.  Thank you.


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