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Multiple team membership

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    This question must have been asked before but I don't know if the rules have changed. If we belong to two teams that are meeting each other in a team match, can we play for one team without having to resign from the other team first? Talking about team match, not vote chess. Thank you for the help. 

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    I think all the members who are a member of both teams cant play but the ones not members of both teams can.

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    The rule hasn't changed.  If you belong to both teams, you cant play.  If you want to play for one of the teams, you must leave the other....

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    Where is the rule posted? I've tried looking it up with no SUCKcess, it shouldn't be that hard to find (except for me that is)

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    I dont think it was ever posted.  It's something we all learned while being here..

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    Thank you everybody for the assistance. I wonder about the rationale behind this "unwritten" rule though. On a site where members belong to multiple teams, this is such an inconvenience. 

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    If my fast fading memory still works, I seem to recall something about how letting a "double-dipper" play in a Team Match could result in them seeing the comments from both sides - to facilitate cheating no doubt.

    Once you leave a TVC game you can't rejoin, but maybe that's not true in Team Matches(?)

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    Perhaps chess.com staff can confirm all these? 

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    I think the rule should be abolished

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    Pawnpusher3 wrote:

    I think the rule should be abolished

    Not as long as it's possible to see both teams comments it shouldn't be

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    For team matches, a player should be able to choose a side, as in VC

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    Yeah I think no matter the chess, if one is in both groups, a box should pop up and you check the square to the group you want to play that game in.

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    I couldn't agree more, Pawnpusher3. There must be thousands of groups on chess.com and members normally join several, especially different types of specialised groups. They have to stand on the sidelines each time their groups challenge each other. 

    Yes, we can always resign from one group in order to play in the team match, but we can't be resigning from groups all the time we want to play. It is messy and inconvenient.

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    Marvellous idea, RT!

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    Simple rule for me, I just do'nt play for either one like it happenened to me many times.

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    Teja wrote:

    Thank you everybody for the assistance. I wonder about the rationale behind this "unwritten" rule though. On a site where members belong to multiple teams, this is such an inconvenience. 

    At the dawn of match play, in those lawless days, members of at least one big team would have extra members. Some would join the second team and throw the games. It is the Internet isn't it.

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    No one throws games if it's rated

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    Pawnpusher3 obviously doesn't understand what TadDude wrote. Players from one club who join another club strictly to sabotage the other clubs' TVC votes will, of course, throw rated games - in favor of their team, by voting for bad moves while playing for their teams' opponents.

    The only solution I know of is to make everyone's vote visible (ie NimzoRoy voted for 34...Nxf3)  but chess.com isn't interested in doing so, (based on past correspondence with them) maybe it would take a lot of programming effort for something few members really care about, who knows?

    All of this discussion is probably a waste of time anyway, if anyone is really interested in the issue they should contact the staff directly with their suggestions. I presume the staff is most interested in suggestions that have a lot of support and least interested in suggestions that don't.

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    Well they could do that for VC. But that is already a problem, because players choose the team they are on for that. Since team matches are rated, people aren't going to throw them to help their team

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    Probably not, but to quote Albert Einstein

    Only two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe.

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